Mit Rückgrat u in Würde
Im Wind, und in der Weite
Im Sturm und im Licht
Im Regen und in der Lebendigkeit
Im freien Atmen,
In der unendlichen Kraft
der Liebe,
der Schöpferin, des Schöpfers,
die Leben will
Durch Mich
Durch Dich
genau Jetzt

7 easy Steps to Lift Up the Energy in a hotel-room

As we do travel a lot, developing a quick and effective routine in creating a clear, light filled and cozy atmosphere became a sheer necessity. Recognizing that the space that surrounds us, is always having an energetic effect on us, we started to become more aware of the ways in which we can influence this effect to our benefit. This is how those steps where created. And yes- they also work their magic in your own house.

1.Greet the room when entering
A room is a living entity that (like all of us) loves to be seen and honored.
When entering a room, especially for the first time, do so with an inner awareness and words of greeting (can be silently in your mind if you are not alone;-)) just as you would do with a person, introduce yourself, give thanks for having you as a guest and honor its beauty or details you like about it.

2. Asking the old to leave
Once you are alone in your new room start by clearing old and stagnant energy’s. For this step it is great if you can open the window or door for a moment. Then quickly move about the room with gathering movements of your arms in the air, collecting all the old just like you would try to clear some smoke in the air and guide it to the window /door then close them behind it. If you feel in some corners the energy is very heavy, slap your hands there a few times – this will help the energy to get moving.

3. Fill the room with light
Switch on all the lights with the intention to fill the room with light. Yes it is as simple as this. We also always light a candle (it is a standard in our luggage to have some kind of candle and matches with us) and place it at focus point in the room.

4.Lift the Energy up
Move as close as you can get to each corner of the room. Facing the center of the room, squad down and touch the floor with the back of your hands. Then with the intention of lifting up the energy from the floor to ceiling stand back up and lift your arms above your head as if you would lift a tray full of precious things from the ground to overhead. And please remember energy moves with your intention, the outer movements of your body are less than secondary, if your intention is present you cannot do it wrong.

5. Bring in your own scent
It could be an incent stick, a few drops of essential oil in a glass of hot water, an air spray of organic essential oils or even your favorite organic perfume (for your health please don’t use the synthetic ones). Allow the scent to lightly fill the room. The scent will be the first thing you will notice when returning to your room, being greeted by a familiar and pleasant scent relaxes your whole system instantly.

6. Fill the room with music
Sound will shift the energy and your mood in no time, choose something you love cause it lifts you up. Play it from your phone, sing and dance for one song ( or more if you have the time) This also works well while unpacking, just turn the music on and make it an unpacking party.

7. Create pockets of beauty
Create pockets of beauty/an altar in your room. We usually travel with a few small precious objects in our bag such as cristals, a Mala, inspiring cards, a picture of a deity or little figurine. Your lucky charm, favorite jewelry or an inspiring note to yourself will do too. Basically anything that by looking at it lifts your spirits and therefore your energy and allows you to reconnect is the perfect item for a little in-room altar. Choose a prominent spot in the room for it so it comes easily into your attention and just take one conscious deep breath every time you notice it.

And here some bonus tips:
* get yourself fresh flowers for your room, you are worth it not matter how short your stay is.
* travel with a beautiful scarf you can also use to bring in your own decorative touch or cover up the TV screen in your room 😉
* assign a space for practice and roll out your Yoga mat and/or place your meditation pillow right away, so you will hear the call to practice more easily.
* we always travel with a little water heating device, a travel mug and some of our favorite tea, being able to prepare oneself a nice cup of tea at anytime makes us feel at home.


Unser schnelles Ayurveda Frühstück LieblingsRezept

Im Herbst und Winter lieben wir die wohlig wärmende und nährende Qualität dieses gekochten ayurvedischen Frühstücks sehr. Es ist ganz einfach und fix zubereitet, alles in einem Topf und hält lange satt und glücklich 🙂

Zutaten ( für 2 Yoginis) :
1/2 Tasse Hirse
1/2 Tasse Reisflocken
1 Tasse Wasser
1 Apfel oder Birne in kleinen Stücken
1 EL Rosinen oder alternativ getr. Aprikose, Dattel, Feige in klein geschnitten
frischer Ingwer kleingeschnitten ( wir lieben! Ingwer, wenn er neu für Dich ist fang mit einem kleinen Stück an)
1 TL Kokosöl alternativ Ghee ( wie Du Ghee selbst zubereiten kannst zeigen wir Dir demnächst hier)
1 Prise Salz
Zimt, Kurkuma, Kardamom jeweils ca. einen 1/4 TL

In einem kleinen Topf das Kokosöl bei hoher Temperatur erhitzen, dann kommen der Ingwer, das frische Obst und die Gewürze hinzu.
Nach 1 Minute die Getreide und das Wasser dazugeben, alles einmal aufkochen lassen und gut umrühren und dann einen Deckel auf den Topf geben und die Herdplatte direkt runterschalten. Bei niedriger Hitze noch 11 Minuten köcheln lassen, nicht mehr umrühren, sonst brennt es leicht an!
Während Dein Frühstück vor sich hin köchelt ist der optimale Zeitpunkt Dir dazu einen leckeren ayurvedischen Chai zu kochen, das Rezept dazu folgt hier in Kürze 🙂
Das Frühstück warm genießen.
Es eignet sich in dieser Mischung aber auch prima zum Mitnehmen als 2. Frühstück für Unterwegs oder auf der Arbeit, da es lange saftig bleibt und auch kalt gut schmeckt.
Alternativ kannst Du natürlich auch andere Getreide und Flocken, wie Haferflocken, Quinoa, Polenta, Gerstenflocken…wählen und nach Deinem Geschmack mischen. Pro Person rechnen wir eine halbe Tasse Getreide und jeweils die doppelte Menge Wasser.

Wir wünschen Dir einen genussvollen Start in den Tag